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The love of football transcends borders!

REFUGYM offer football matches to residents both inside and outside the camp. We are proud to work with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the local municipality to be able to provide the men with a weekly bus so they can play outside of the camp, providing one of our core values of escapism.

SElf Defence

Taught by our resident teacher Rayhaneh, self defence reaches the teenage girls; a difficult demographic to engage in sports.


Our classes teach young women critical skills in how they can protect and defend themselves. We recently rewarded our most committed students with uniforms and sports bras, helping to support them in their practice and feel like a united team.


Twice a week, we go hiking in the mountains with a group of women and men respectively, enjoying time away from the camp and some therapeutic contact with nature.


In camp settings where residents have been inactive for months, gentle encouragement of moving the body, partnered with the promotion of mental health through positive affirmations, REFUGYM are proud to teach trauma-informed yoga classes within the women's sports building and safe space.

Our team member Sanaz initiated a Circle Of Hope, talking sessions whereby women discuss themes surrounding self-care. The circles are now led by Zahra, a mother of four resident of the camp, who has bravely stepped up to lead an emotional and healing practice.


Twice a week, we take a group of men and women to the sea to teach absolute beginners how to swim.

Swimming lessons not only teach a critical life skill, but also help to address waterborne traumas that many refugees face due to their journey to Europe.

WOMEN's parties

The last thing we do every Friday is host a women's party. We braid each other's hair, put on make-up, create beautiful henna patterns on our hands and dance freely. Everyone is welcome - from our little ladies to our wise women. What a way to end the week!


Aerobics classes are led by our resident teachers Zohreh and Mahnaz.


The energetic and fun classes are carried out in the morning, really setting the women up for the day. Once the music is on the women up their cardio and push their boundaries with strengthening exercises. It is catered to all abilities and the women encourage and support each other to reach their potential.


The children can be seen practicing roly-polys, carthwheels and headstands every morning, five days a week. It is a tailored outlet for all their energy!


In a camp with 95% Afghan residents, volleyball is a firm favourite!


Both men and women love participating in this game, played both in our women's sports building and out in the open by the men.

Volleyball classes are led by our resident teachers, Zorheh, Mahdi and Hasib. Even when REFUGYM aren't in the camp, a volleyball can always be seen flying through the air!


Basketball is played in the space dedicated to the men's sports, an outside tent with high ceilings and a net to jump and shoot!


As a traditional Afghan sport, the men feel very passionately about cricket, and we are fortunate enough to be able to play outside the camp, a short walking distance away in a field in the nearby village.

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