Our Partners


Thanks to Olympic surfer Tony Frey's generosity, and REFUGYM's long-term volunteer Eva, we are able to take groups of women and men to Tony Frey's Windsurfing Club. Tony kindly allows us to use the watersports gear for free, whilst Eva uses her watersports professional skills to offer windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding lessons!

Local sports teams

REFUGYM encourages integration and social cohesion with the local community through building contact with local Greek sports teams.  Our men's football team is training hard for their friendly match against the local Oinofyta team!

international organisation FOR migration

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is the agency that governs refugee camps across Greece.  Their support is invaluable to the daily running of REFUGYM. With the help of IOM, we have also secured a weekly bus that takes our football team to a field outside of camp, allowing our team to practice in a professional manner.



foodKIND have been instrumental in the success of REFUGYM. Brittany was foodKIND's Coordinator when REFUGYM gained permission to work in the camp. The two NGOs collaborated for six months, providing both food distribution and exercise classes in two refugee camps. REFUGYM is now a full-time entity in itself, but the two organisations continue to support each other.

Happy Caravan & Connect by music

Happy Caravan and Connect By Music support REFUGYM through the provision of their car for all of our escapism trips: be it hiking in the mountains, swimming lessons or windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding excursions!  Thanks to them, we are able to take double the amount of beneficiaries to enjoy some crucial escapism away from daily life in the camp.


In November 2019, OMpowerment trained a group of women within the camp community in trauma-informed yoga. These women are now qualified yoga teachers - not just for REFUGYM, but for their own personal communities.


Spanish NGO REMAR works in the same camp as REFUGYM, providing vital services to the community including clothing distribution, laundry services and a tea house. 

Thanks to REMAR allowing us to use their building, we are able to teach children gymnastics and yoga in a safe, private space just for them.

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